Fluffco is a creative partnership.

50% Gayla Trail

50% Davin Risk

So why Fluff? Because we personally find ourselves as much consumers as we are critics of popular culture, it’s important to us that the ‘left-overs’ of our culture are not trivialized. Popular culture is not a monoculture; it’s international and it traces a wide spectrum of personalities, subcultures, and corporate identities. It’s often in the throw away areas of our day-to-day lives that we find beauty and imagination — this is the Fluff.

Gardening for the People

You Grow Girl

Davin @ Flickr
You Grow Girl @ Flickr

Become a microfarmer.

Grow Great Grub



We are especially drawn to vernacular design and what is often considered to be low-art aesthetics such as off-registration printing, rusty metal, or other beautiful imperfection. Our influences range from hand painted signage to waxed paper cups and everything in between.